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Cranberry Creek Lodge



Kodiak Island offers a truly amazing saltwater fishing experience. At Cranberry Creek Lodge we target salmon, giant pacific halibut, lingcod, and several species of rockfish. Most days will see a mixed bag of several different saltwater fish species. We provide all the top-of-the-line equipment, tackle, and bait. At the end of each day, the catch will be carefully processed,
packaged, and frozen for you.


Halibut are huge fish and a blast to catch on rod and reel! They are also well known for their delicious white flaky meat and are arguably the world's premium-tasting fish. At Cranberry Creek Lodge we don’t have to travel very far to get to the fishing grounds. Some of our most productive spots are within 30 minutes of the lodge. Bottom fishing for Halibut, rockfish, and Lingcod in our area is done by jigging with rod and reel, typically in 80-200 feet of water.  The average Halibut is 20-30lbs but it’s not uncommon to get into weights approaching or exceeding 100lbs. These larger fish are the egg-laying females and the future of our fishery. We encourage our guests to catch, photo, and release these big girls.


Salmon fishing is primarily done in the ocean by trolling with downriggers or drifting and mooching. The monster reel burning Kings and high-flying aerobatic Silvers are plentiful in our little slice of heaven. King Salmon can be caught year-round but peak fishing is late May thru early July. Silvers begin to show up mid-July in large numbers schooled up around the baitfish. In late August they begin to enter the rivers and we shift gears to target them from the riverbanks for some exciting action.

The chart on the “Dates and Rates” page shows the prime times for each species.

Contact Cranberry Creek Lodge today to customize your perfect Alaskan adventure!

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